About me

Hi I’m Sandy! 

Welcome to my humble little space in the blog world where food and art (will) come together.

The Foodie and The Feast is all about good food, being creative and having fun! 

I am a true believer of the fact that food brings everyone together. Especially now that the kids are getting older, obsessed with their electronics and me and Shannon have busy lives, I cherish our ‘together time’ at the table and love hearing the stories about everyone’s days. We all love food, so we love to share this special moment every day.

What you can find on my blog:

  • All recipes are ones that I love and would make if you would be invited to my house for dinner.
  • Lots of Asian recipes! With my Thai background, I’m raised with this food and it’s my favorite cuisine!
  • Healthy (and unhealthy!) family recipes with mostly ingredients most people always have in stock.
  • Healthy protein packed food preps.
  • Awesome recipes, tips and ideas for feasts
  • Time and budget saving tips. I’m a tight arse Dutchie with usually a tight schedule and I don’t consider myself the only one.
  • Food for thought. I’m all about self development and self growth and love to share and talk with you about life!

What you won’t find on my blog:

  • I love healthy food, but I don’t eat things like cauliflower rice. I tried it, but decided that it’s not my thing, so you won’t find things like that here. I rather eat balanced instead.
  • Just because I like to make my food look pretty and/or cute, it doesn’t mean I’ve sacrificed on flavor. I would have experimented with lots of flavors, but leave everything out that I don’t like. I will admit that I really love it when you bring food to friends or family and they would say: “That is definitely Sandy’s dish, because it looks awesome!” It sort of became my signature. 😉

What you will find in the future on this blog:

  • More art. My goal is to bring art and food, my two passions together!
  • Recipe video’s. I always try to focus on one thing at a time. Although I have always loved photography, I’ve never ‘staged’ anything like I’m doing now, so once I got the hang of this, I will expand my skills with some video editing!
  • More tapas recipes! This is not very popular here in Australia (or at least not in Mackay) but I will make it my mission to inspire people to throw these kind of parties, because I love having a yarn while we eat little bites at a time and sip our wines. The world needs more of this!

Little bit about me:

I’m born and raised in the Netherlands and traveled to Australia as a backpacker at the age of 28 and never left after I met my partner Shannon and his two boys. 

In a nutshell, I love to put a smile on people’s faces. Whether it’s with food, a conversation, taking the kids so see something new or a painted rock. (I hide painted rocks wherever I go and it brings me so much joy when a child behind me starts screaming in excitement: “Whoooaaa mommy, look at this rock I just found!!!”)

I’m a busy bee with way too many interests and too many hobbies. Obviously my main hobby is to cook (and to eat if that’s considered a hobby!).  If I’m not in the kitchen, you’ll find me painting/drawing, reading, sucked into a Disney movie with a bowl of nachos and if I’m very lucky, traveling and photographing! 

I’ve worked in different branches such as retail, insurances, hospitality, cleaning and even farmwork. Apart from working with animals (I absolutely loved working with animals!) my true passion has always been food and I’m so ready to share this with the world! I LOVE experimenting with ingredients, trying out new ideas and improving the recipes I know until I consider them perfect!

With a Thai mother, Indonesian/Dutch father and very talented sister who’s even opened her own restaurant, all we talked about at home ever since I was young was food and with the best role model cooks, it was only a matter of time until I got into cooking as well. We love the smiles on peoples faces when the table is covered with food and everyone’s enjoying it and chatting away, completely losing track of time. With this blog I hope to spread these smiles and joy even further than just my own kitchen!

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