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Hi Friend! I’m Sandy, a true lover of flavour explosions, and super excited for you to hop on board of my food journey!

Meatloaf with a Smokey BBQ Glaze

This juicy and tender meatloaf with a smokey BBQ glaze is the way to an Australian family’s heart! Whenever I

Stuffed Baby Capsicums

These stuffed baby capsicums filled with cream cheese, bacon and melted cheese are a warm, delicious snack and easy to

Herb Crusted Oven Salmon

Looking for a healthy recipe to impress your partner/date/friends or even your kids? THIS. IS. IT. This crispy herb crusted

Mushroom Brie Sandwich

Sometimes I go through stages where I really crave for bread. Usually, I don’t eat a whole lot of bread,

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is an incredibly popular stir fried noodle dish from Thailand. Commonly found at street food vendors, Pad Thai

Australian Corned Meat

Australian Corned Meat is a slow cooked piece of silverside that is already cured or brined when you buy it

Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice)

Nasi Goreng is an Indonesian style of fried rice. Completely different from the Thai fried rice, nasi goreng is spicy

Cottage Pie

Cottage Pie is a savoury casserole with a bottom layer of beef mince and vegetables, seasoned with all time favourite

Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie is hands-down the kids most favorite dish. The crunchy puff pastry on the outside with a creamy

Curried Sausages

Curried Sausages is an Australian dish with sausages in a gravy of Keen’s curry and an absolute family favorite! It’s

Thai Rice Vermicelli Salad (Yum Woon Sen)

Thai Rice Vermicelli Salad, or Yum Woon Sen, as it is originally called is a tangy, spicy, salty salad with

Dill Crepes with Smoked Salmon

These dill crepes with smoked salmon are not only a healthy lunch, they are also an absolute showstopper on your